Launch the rocket using the catapult and land on the targets.

Or just mess around. Get points for skill and style.


The in-game tutorial should introduce you to the core gameplay.

You can follow it, or ignore it.


Up ArrowThrust Forward
Left ArrowRotate Counterclockwise
Right ArrowRotate Clockwise
SpaceRelease / Deploy Landing Legs
ZSlow Time (Uses Fuel)
BackspaceReset Everything (Hold 5 Seconds)


Some nice picks:

"Fun game, nice work." — leafo

"This was lots of fun!" — amigeekrumi

"Very fun going from trying to launch the rocket as far as possible then later trying to figure out how to land." — Suzariah



"Ouroboros" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



This game may only be published on LF.ITCH.IO and GameGen.Games (student game showcase), and a few personal outlets I personally author.

You may NOT re-publish this game anywhere without explicit permission from me. (I'll very likely decline any request.)

Development log


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this is actually really fun

I finally did this without arrow keys!

can anyone beat this????????


This is an awesome idea! I wish I could download it and play whenever!

landed on a 3 star... still doesn't say that I've landed even after 30 minutes to an hour


Challenge: see how far you can go without using arrow keys. 


I got 10m


I got 21,000m


Came from the announcement. I wonder what's coming.

(1 edit)

Highest one I've seen in the comments so far (the best)

scratch that I just saw 1m 


Also, yeah, it would be cooler if you added platforms and obstacles in the sky. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the game!


Great game! I like how the closer you fly to the platforms, the shakier the screen gets, it adds a cool effect to the game. Nice Job!


I've broken 1 million!

(1 edit)

i found a glitch - if you hold down the up arrow when beginning a new game it lets you move for free 


You still use fuel, there's just no animation.

Great game!

High score 246560

Tip-GO far then land on a gold pad

(1 edit)

high score 106240

highest score 81755

It is great but needs to be easier to land

If you just go super high, when you start arcing down after running out of fuel you can just keep spinning which gets you a ton of points

Really great game! Loved the modern and old fashioned tech in one game!

my highscore  for this game is 68050

here's a suggestion. You could make it so it doesn't stop when underwater, so you could make it so if you were able to go under the platforms and out again, you would get more points. you could also add obstacles in the sky, too, like birds and planes, maybe hovering landing platforms?

I found a bug. If you press and hold space when you start, it will just drop to the ground and not explode. you can take off like that. (you should keep this though, its kinda fun to do) really fun game! if you were to port it to mobile I would download it.

Whats the highest score you got ?


This is such a nice little game really enjoyed it! Great mix of ideas!

love this game, wish there was a standalone build for pc

really well, done. Physics are perfect

I love this game, it's excellently challenging!

Great game! 

Your game are on SilverGames,Freewebarcade,funkypotato,flonga,and another sites

Beautiful game! I have never seen anything so amazing in my entire life. NASA needs more people like you!

Legal, qual engine você usou? Tem algum package para os sons? Jogo viciante por causa da física, obrigado por fazer este game <3

Thanks! The engine is Construct 3. All the sounds were made using ChipTone and the music is in the game description.

you can't keep going

once you land on a platform how do you keep going because when I land on the gold and then get the X8 it says that I ave to restart


hi score 4218378

nice game

Very good game! What engine used here?

Construct 3!


High score for me was 358,480

Can you make a downloadable version?, also I love the game!

You can download it through the app!

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