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Thanks a lot LF, my whole class is playing now and they love it. Nice game!

mine too, we're having a great time

Even tho this one was a silver

Top score: 96,280

Lol it took me so long to learn how to land on the gold platform, but it paid off!

lmao gg I got 714,000 you suck


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that's not nice. You need to be proud of Lucpin 2009. How would you feel if I said I got 1.7 mil you suck! hmmmm?

i am bad at landing always tip over XD Very fun game

top score 71,680

Great game super fun only bad thing is that it says land a thing to multiply your score but all it does is +8000 not multiply 

you have to land fully and then it will multiply your entire score by whatever

top score of 69,420

i guessed you just kept it at slow mode

but if this image is a joke, here's a caption:

Dads when the gas station fuel price is above $3 USD and is about to run out of fuel

you do realize that 3 dollars a gallon is insane, 15 gallons (quarter of a tank) is $45. so if you were to fill a tank up to full (common tank size of 75 gallons) it would be $225.

Jesus, it was just a joke.



it's okay

when you nut but your dehydrated.

I got a top score of 14550. I'm very proud :)

nvm i just broke that with a score of 21260 :)

make wasd compatible


So I decided to go through the coding being the geek that I am, and I am currently crying\laughing\wtf'ing myself to sleep trying to figure out why this is in here! 

how can you tell me how you went in the code

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very frustrating, I love it (not a massacaust)

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Hey LF I know you probably wont see this but, I wanted to "remake" this game and add some twists to it for a class project? I wanted to twist it up with like gold to by more rockets with more boost, skins, online battle to see who could get the most points, etc! I just wanted to get your permission first before I did it! If not can I still make the game just for myself and some buddys to play it? Not to upload on anything? 



Sure, go for it! This was also a student project meant to remake a game, so have fun!


Thanks so much and have a great day!

hello LF, just wondering what the world record for rocketpult is, and if you have any secret strat to getting a million and over. currently stuck at 714,000 and I am having trouble beating that? any hints? thank you 


Cool game, but I just tested it on a 144hz monitor and it's way too fast, like unplayable.

Hi LF, I'd like to see if it is possible to license and integrate Rocketpult into our competitive games platform for hyper casual titles. Please feel free to email on thanks!

1. you can still use slowmo when out of fuel

2. did anyone take off while on the ground ?


Try this one


Beat my high score! 


Trying to beat my high score!


Great game. However, I've noticed that if you get to an altitude of 6,000+ then start spinning with slow-motion enabled, your angular velocity will surpass the limit of 5,400. At this speed, you can hold the turn button for about 20 seconds. Once you let go of the slow-motion button, you explode and it will say you tipped over.


How did you realize this

Great game.

Very fun and addicting.

Do I have a good Personal Best Score?     Also, whats the world record in this game?

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uhhhhh this happened please help I found a glitch

this is actually really fun


I finally did this without arrow keys!

I just did too, but I used slow motion so I guess I cheated


can anyone beat this????????


This is an awesome idea! I wish I could download it and play whenever!

landed on a 3 star... still doesn't say that I've landed even after 30 minutes to an hour


Challenge: see how far you can go without using arrow keys. 


I got 10m


I got 21,000m


Came from the announcement. I wonder what's coming.

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Highest one I've seen in the comments so far (the best)

scratch that I just saw 1m 


Also, yeah, it would be cooler if you added platforms and obstacles in the sky. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the game!


Great game! I like how the closer you fly to the platforms, the shakier the screen gets, it adds a cool effect to the game. Nice Job!


I've broken 1 million!

how? what your technique? I'm stuck at 714,000

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i found a glitch - if you hold down the up arrow when beginning a new game it lets you move for free 


You still use fuel, there's just no animation.

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