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We need you back

found a bug, but please don't patch it. If you activate the landing legs just before hitting a platform you don't explode no matter the speed.

It is theoretically possible to get unlimited score by constantly wobbling. I did not try for a long period but I think it is possible to kept on wobbling on the first platform.

Just land on the first platform and remove the landing legs and start wobbling.

i figured that out too

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start with landing legs, hold the the right arrow to go left and the left to go right, then spam space
Then go fast to get fast for 5000 points, then just land on gold

The game keeps randomly speeding up

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this should give points...

i agree

Beat it.


cool. you win but can you get to 500,000?

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sure, give me a sec


my pb is 265,360. pretty proud of it but i don't think i'm gonna do better though


didnt even leave


 doubled, thanks for the challenge idea!


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prob possible to get to 6000 but am to lazy to perfect it

edit : I was wrong, 6000 is easily possible

i keep trying to go to the very end befor is stop but the thing circles arounds and i fall off the edge

Doesnt work :(

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I just found the ultimate tecnique but im lazy so i wont use it


and i will never tell anyone


to the people saying they got over 500k, how the absolute skwiguly diguly f*** did you do that. I'm stuck at 420k.

Not that hard when you find a method, New highscore 8300000=)

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Fun game, highscore of 8300000 (edited)

what method

im touching plats for high score and low fuel burning

have to work on accuracy tho

Touch the 4 first pads then just go staight up to you rach 600 in velocity. Then stop burning fuel util your velocity is about 300-200 and then again reach max speed. When you have a reasonable amout fuel about 10,000 or less stop burning fuel and start spinning. When you reach about 13,000 aultitude start to stop your spin and directly after you are still and falling then start slowing down and land on a gold platform.

Please note to always keep an eye on your velocity, speed and spinning rate 

Hopefully you can beat my record;)


will post score


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i may or may not have decided to beat my highest score by becoming beyblade. very good game, 10/10 edit: I did it again with a 111670. just did it to beat a friend. to as you cant tell, great game.

Mobile version would be nice, played it on PC and it's very fun.

i got the source code but i will not re publish it i do not know if i am allowed to make it a native mac game for only my computer

Personal use is allowed

Very fun but hard to master amazing game :)


aka spacex simulator


after you land burn all the extra fuel on the pad to get an extra 1000 points

you get "showing off" points from dipping into the water and coming out safely, and bonus points from touching platforms, so i like to stay super low down farming show off points while touching all of the platforms, then eventually land on the golden one, which is easy because of how low down i am. pretty neat strategy in my opinion.

really fun, got a high score of 474,480 used a strategy of flying upwards to about 10000 altitude of 15000 fuel, and then spinning really really fast to get tons of points from just spinning, then land on a gold, you need all of the fuel left to slow down and then land, its a pretty fun strategy

It's just a whole lot of fun to fling that rocket.

My highest score is 375 040. Amazing game, it's pretty adictive, but it doesn't make me feel like I'm wasting time.

my record is 315400 i never really checked how good it was till i looked here, seems i have the world


Landing is SO HARD! Any tips?

I would suggest practising landing without the landing legs. I've found that this really isn't much harder. Land and then pull out landing legs

who needs landing, kamakaze can get you points, plus its more fun.

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Edit: New top score : 648,960

Top score: 512,240

*Have not perfected yet, and landed with around 3000 fuel

Aim for the Silver platform, and hop to gold, then to silver. Repeat.

You get 4k for hitting silver platform and 8k for gold. When fuel get low, land on gold platform.

top score is 120,539

330,809 my pb

I got 377,000 that's my best

Update: best score: 304,120

It's more efficent to tap the thruster in about 1-2 second intervals

Update: my top score is 240,280 nice

I managed to get 1.12 million points through a very time-consuming but relieving method. the second i went to play again, the points i got didnt save to my best score. is there a score limit to over 1 million points or summin??

how tf


so basically, you have to get off the catapult and land it on the starting pad kinda like how a rocket launches off facing straight upwards. and then just tap the left right keys that rotate it to give the rocket wobble, you can kinda spam the wobble and it’ll give you 10 points each wobble and it doesn’t waste any fuel. Then once you reach 125,000 points then land the rocket on the gold pad which times it by 8 and gives you +8000 points so you should reach a couple thousand over 1 million points. 

The whole process took about 3 hours of non stop tapping, but super annoying how it didn’t count my points. Had heaps of friends to witness it so it’s more of a congratulations to myself rather then showing the whole world but hopefully will try it again and beg that it keeps my score. 

ohhhhhhhh bruh

is there not a better method to reach one mill that doesn't require wobbling? my record is 714,000 btw without wobbling

ion think so

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top score 714,600 can anyone beat that ? 

how tf

just went straight up at 22.5 degrees and when I had 10k fuel I stopped going up and I started spinning. Unspin at 14,700 and land on gold pad. usually gets around 700,000. do you know how to get one mill tho

spam left and right after landing on the starting pad and get infinite points for no fuel

Falcon 9 simulator

Yea, i know, you can also target a platform and blow up on it to really get that missile feel going

I dont know why but  i dont launch the rocket right away i land it on the starting platform then turn off the landing legs and then take off it reminds me of a tomahawk naval missile  

gold platform doesn't do anything on web versio

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