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Deleted 191 days ago

Construct 3!

highscore 17428

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Highscore 44125

add more stuff. 

This was super fun, great game! Very fun going from trying to launch the rocket as far as possible then later trying to figure out how to land. 

It's definitely interesting watching people decide between those two as fuel runs out!


Pretty nice game, but could benefit from a rework of the points you get from stuff, making spinning, showing off, and all the other stuff you can do worth doing.

Definitely noted, thanks!

Very good game

This was lots of fun!

Thanks! (Hey, I know you!)

Lots of fun! Good work on this.

Hey, thanks!

either the game's not working or i'm not understanding the controls

i'm holding up, but the ship just wobbles back and forth regardless of what i do

only the time slow seems to do anything

Thanks for letting me know; mind if I ask what browser/OS you're using?

I've had a few reports about this so far and I'm trying to correlate.

chrome, windows 7

I just pushed the 1.0.1 build which (hopefully) resolves this issue. You may want to clear your cache, just in case.

Movement controls are enabled once the best score's been retrieved, but it could potentially fail, preventing the game from giving you control. I added a failsafe to enable controls right away and disable the best score in case that happens.

Please let me know if this fixes the problem, or if this still happens.


Fun game, nice work.

Oh hey, thanks a bunch!

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