Oops, I've been pretty silent!

It's been exactly one year since the launch of ROCKETPULT, and I'm very humbled by the response & feedback! To everyone playing my game: thank you, and I greatly appreciate you.

IndieCade Festival 2017

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Game Gen booth and played my game! ROCKETPULT was originally a small project from that game dev school, and they were showcasing many of the student games at that booth. I heard people were returning to the booth to replay this game, and I'm beyond flattered. Thank you!


After looking through the analytics graphs, it seems people really enjoy playing this during weekdays (presumably distracting themselves at school or work). For some reason, it really peaked in February. I'm not sure why.

Gameplay Videos

While I haven't had time to record a proper gameplay trailer myself, check these ones out!

It's interesting seeing players figure out the game themselves with minimal guidance.

Additional Content & Game Balancing

On the backburner! Feel free to leave some suggestions in the comments. I probably won't respond to most of them, but I will read them all.

Final Thoughts (For Now)

This project is being put on the backburner while I focus on college and improving my game dev and design skills. I have plans in mind for ROCKETPULT, but they need time, and I need to experiment with other small projects.

Thanks to everyone who played, shared, enjoyed, and provided constructive feedback. I can't say this enough: I greatly appreciate you! Your support encourages me to improve my game development skills.


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hi LF, Can you reveal us the secret to Rocketpult? what is the best strategy. I am currently stumped at 714,000 ! I don't know how I can be more efficient. is it possible to hit one million, or even 10 million as the amount of zeroes you left in the score show? thank you !